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The goddess of all healing properties is Mother Nature



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Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine

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Looking for some herbal help to boost your energy, mood, clarity and focus? While also helping with weight loss? We've got you covered. Try our new Walking on Sunshine blend that is packed with nutrient herbs to help clear your mind, bring calmness to the body, help fight depression & anxiety, and help curb your appetite! 


St. John's Wort: ability to treat depression, improve mood swings, relieve anxiety, reduce the severity of pre-menstrual symptoms, ease addictive tendencies, regulate hormonal activity, prevent cancer, protect against viral infections, reduce inflammation, and soothe the nervous system.

Bacopa:  Bacopa may have antioxidant properties. It contains saponin compounds such as bacosides and bacopasides. These compounds may enhance cognition, learning, and memory. They may also inhibit inflammation in the brain.

Gotu Kola: Boosts cognitive function, may help treat Alzheimer's, Reduce anxiety & stress, natural antidepressant, improves circulation, can help with joint pain.

Kava Kava: Anti-anxiety effects

Oat straw: Oat straw is one of the most nourishing and gentle herbs on the market. It is incredibly beneficial to the nervous system and can help with sleep, stress reduction, and anxiety reduction.

American Ginseng: Fights fatigue, improves mental function, normalizes blood sugar levels.

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules daily with a full glass of water.  Take for at least 2 months before you start to notice major mental changes.  


Drug interactions are possible. Unless your doctor has advised it, don't take American ginseng with:

  • Coumadin (warfarin): It may reduce the drug's effectiveness.
  • Depression medications called MAOIs: The combination may cause anxiety, headache, restlessness, and insomnia.
  • Blood sugar-lowering drugs: It may low blood sugar too much.
  • Antipsychotic medications: It may increase effects and side effects.
  • Stimulants:  It may increase the effects and side effects

These statements have not been authorized by Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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